jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2008

Euro Power 2001

Sello: Max Music Mexico
Año: 2001
Mixed: Adrian Gutierrez & Carlos "Madness" Madrigal
Formato: mp3
Calidad: 128Kbps


01-Les Rois Du Monde/Romeo Y Julieta
02-You See The Trpuble With Me/White Legend
04-Touch Me/Roy D'silva Featuring K.Sandra
05-La Vita Is/Ken
06-Supreme/Remix Pump Sister
07-Life Is A Rollercoaster/Donald Kyting
08-Fouco Nel Fouco/Eros
09-Dancing In The Moonlight/Bob Lander
10-Ice Ice Baby/Reanimator Feat, Vanilla Ice
11-My Heart Beats Like A Drum/Abc
12-I Will Survive 2001/Gloria Gaynor Vs White Legend
14-Together/DJ Bobo
15-Mr. Plastic/Fanplastic
16-Crushing Eyes/K-Zone
17-Mega Power Mix/Various Artists

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